Poppies by Dmitry Syrov

Booth #488

Press Release:

New York, NY — The Syrov family is delighted to take part in Art Expo New York 2019!
Tatyana Syrova, Svetlana Syrova, Michael Syrov, and Anton Mordkovich will be curating the art of Dmitry Syrov, a painter with extensive work in private collections located internationally including in the countries of Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and Germany.

Dmitry Syrov works in many genres and utilizes many techniques to create his own style, with influences from French postimpressionism and German abstract expressionism.

The artist on his technique:
“Expressionism is a feast of color and joy, where form is secondary, and what’s important is the feeling experienced in the artist, passed through the prism of his consciousness, and transferred into paint on canvas. Each emotion felt has its own unique creative expression in the art. Naive art is like a door which leads us deep into our hearts; there, where a child still lives, into a world of story, imagination, comfort, and peace.
It leads us into a world, where imagination is interlaced with reality, where teddy bears and toy dogs are alive to us.”

All of us including the artist will be located in Booth 488 on April 4th through April 7th for the full duration of the show. If there are any questions about the details of the show or the artist, please contact Michael Syrov at msyrov96@gmail.com anytime or by calling (929) 374-8038 after 5 P.M. on weekdays or anytime during the weekends. We are happy to share our feelings and to offer a journey into the inner world of this artist!

Contact Info:
Website: http://dmitrysyrov.com
Email: msyrov96@gmail.com
Phone: 929-374-8038

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