Pleiades by Sylvia Echeverria

Booth #269

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Eric Art is an Art Gallery That exhibit and selling art works of worldwide artists around the world since 1975 including Brazil, China, USA, France, Germany, Italy and others. Eric Art, have art galleries in Sao Paulo, Paris, London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi available for individual and collective art exhibition.

ARTEXPO NY 2019 – April, 4 – 7th, Pier 92 – NY – BOOTH 269 – Eric Art Gallery

Artists: Aide Zorek, Ana Sanson, Cacau Fernandes, Cadu Assalin, Carlito Bicca, C. Rachel, Denise Kastro, Diva Giacometti, Flora Camina, Galileo Emendabili, Leila Bokel, Marcos Emendabili, Marcus Luconi, Maria Almeida de Menezes, Milena Juliano Hack, Paulette Gerecht, Suzy Thaler Perondi and Sylvia Echeverria.

Eric Landmayer, director and curator of Eric Art, has presented art works of Brazilian artists, across the world, since 1975 and recently participated at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

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The Pink Series by David RodriguezReflection by Ana Sanson