Juliet by Erin Lincoln

Booth #1021 & 1120A

Artist  Bio:
This artist has shown with Redwood Media Group since 2018. She has private collectors all over the world including in locations in the US, Bali, Bermuda, Turks, Brazil, and Canada. The paintings she is most known for are her portraits that display the duality of human nature. The paintings are created in realism and cubism. They are representing perspectives in an ambiguous nature in attempt to exploit the viewer to the viewer in the privacy of their own mind. The objective is to leave the viewer in thought of their evolution of self. The artist is ambidextrous, carrying the same level of skill in each hand. She uses the contrasting duality of her mind to paint the contrast of black and white, explaining the scales of grey as emotional expressions. Look for your reaction instead of any formulated combination of words describing what is supposed to be seen. This will insure an unbiased perspective, a platform necessary for organic mental expansion.

Contact Info:
Website: http://Lincolnartgallery.com

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