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Artist Bio:
OMAR RIGONI (1980, born in Zurich, Switzerland) is a self-taught Swiss artist. From banker to being locked up in a sanatorium he became an artist creating canvases filled with a pulsating spectrum of colors. He started painting using acryl and an art-pen. His creations are paintings that sometimes are combined with words which resonates his emotions and thinking on the canvas. Rigoni’s work is without borders and rules. Before he presented his work to the public, it was hustle and bustle. He sold his art out of the trunk of his car to make a living. After the success of his first solo show in 2018 at Gallery Nicols Fine Art, when 80% of his paintings were sold, he started to establish himself a place in the art scene especially among collectors of his work. With focusing attention to express the way he looks at the world, his work is twofold, and the subjects of his paintings deal with anger, fear, frustration and the terrible impotence of people towards injustice and cruelty – of body and mind -, the power of climate change, medical verdicts and more. On the other hand, there are these wonderful colors that contradict all dark thoughts. They make you breathe and they make you smile. The colors tell us that there is still hope and room for enjoying all the good things this world has to offer.

Rigoni not only caught the eye of the public and collectors in Europe but also the famous wine maker Giulio Rossello from the Piemonte. The collaboration between Rigoni and Rossello was accomplished by Alessio Berti, a wine entrepreneur in Zurich. Four of Rossello’s top wines have a label with Omar Rigoni’s painting on it. One of the paintings ‘Haunted Passion’ will be showed at the Art Expo New York 2020. The other three paintings are already in the hands of collectors.

“My painting is the result of a life lived in the speed of light”, Omar Rigoni says about his art. And he adds: “The time flies by, borders are obliterated, and emotions find a conduit to organize themselves”

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