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NEIL ENGGIST (1982, born in USA) is a painter based in New York working on the road, raised in New Jersey, earned his BFA at Washington University 2004, and his MFA at SFAI in 2016. From 2005 Enggist travelled through Europe, America, India, Costa Rica, and China, developing a body of painting and poetry shown in NewYork, Milan, Mumbai, Zurich, Paris, Shanghai and San Francisco, composing five collections of poetry and photographs. He spent summers working in Luzern with a master gardener, incorporating the ‘practice of the wild’ into his painting, also traveling with dancer Nilaya Sabnis, merging painting with dance in inner wilderness.

Neil’s paintings are created on the journey, using materials, stones, leaves, sand, water, salt, mud and brushes from the surrounding environment, along with pigment, ink, blues, saris, wine, iridescent dust carried up the mountain. Certain pieces are brought back to his studio to be intensified, set on fire, danced on or put  through storms.

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