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Artist Bio:
JSABELLA PORTMANN (1976, born in Chur, Switzerland) At a young age she experimented working in various media, materials and techniques, including drawing, painting and stone. Her art is pure expression and offers the possibility to capture the experiences which surrounds us all in our daily live. This key-aspect of her work has been formed by her work as a psychiatric nurse in the field of acute Psychiatric Medicine.

2003 marked as a significant turning point in Jsabella’s life, devoting herself more and more to art. Since 2009 she has been regularly exhibiting both individually and as part of a group.

Jsabella’s method of working is characterized by capturing the dynamic through her very restless and driven nature – “It is all about the flow”. There is always a powerful interaction between her, the canvas and the paint which completely absorbs her. Brush strokes can vary from fine and delicate through energetic and powerful allowing the colors to speak for them¬selves. Her often non-figurative, abstract art is intended to inspire the viewer to pause, reflect, awaken the subconscious. Dealing with intuition, breaking out of comfort zones and leading the work to impact the observer. Her work is generally formed by her spiritual experiences, a high aesthetic standard and strong consistency.

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