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Artist Bio:
Gritt Sanders, (1967 Denmark)
Artist and photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Designer 1998
CPH Film & Foto school 2011-2012
Award winning photographer
Multi-media artist – Contemporary art

Gritt Sanders was brought up and live in Denmark, Scandinavia, the little fairytale country where author H. C. Anderson still have an impact in the way of telling a story and to “Have a say”. Gritt Sanders work in the same way with her feminine touch and fairytale visual stories and yet she is very serious about her thoughts behind the work. While the photographs always remain on the border between reality and a dreamy state, an almost invisible edge will move into our subconscious and be quite serious.

Additional Info:
Gritt Sanders seeks to create stories that float in the imaginative universe. Using painterly expression and symbolic features that underline the timeless and fluid figurative artwork. She works with the photographic image and essentially augments it using numerous textured layers using lighting and brushwork to create a storytelling that seems hypnotic in nature.

As a multi-media artist, Gritt Sanders works with painting on canvas, staining of fabrics, hand folded paper, which composes a seamless connection between the photograph and the poetic & soulful essence. An essence where time and space dissolves, and the memorable reflections we all can relate to in our own personal stories, constantly changing the underlying tale behind the artwork.

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