Exposed 2 by Haya Tabib Seginer

Booth #RA-33

Artist Bio:
Haya T. Seginer was born in 1959. She is a multidisciplinary artist engaged in photography, painting and sculpture. In high school she won a scholarship to the “avni”art school. She holds B.A. in social sciences.

Upon her retirement from a senior position in the public service Haya has presented a number exhibitions in galleries, outdoor exhibitions and museum. The photographs allow her to present the gender issue of women and the women’s struggle for existence and independence.

The nude body of woman in nature without wanting to beautify or change reality. Haya often deals with women in her art work as a protest against her being refused a divorce for years, in nude photography in nature comes her interest in the “controlled” female world.

About her Exhibit:
Women began to deal with women’s nudity at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. they were the first to exhibit natural nudity that did not try to be an ideal . the photography simplified the possibilities and gave women a lighter advantage with the camera. inspired by virginia woolf book a room of your own :”a woman needs her own room and a regular income….” to be able to produce….Haya from her personal experience and from the individual to the general the preoccupation with women in her art works in protest against violence against women’s of any kind verbal ,physical, mental ,financial, etc..Haya have chosen to photograph a strong’ defiant character naked in nature when the model is located in the open landscape and EXPOSED.

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