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After eight years of informal art training under established masters in the arts like Bruce Onobrakpeya and Demas Nwoko, Nzekwe emerged with the Akademik studios of art.

Born in Jos, Nigeria, currently lives and works in Asaba, Nigeria.
Nzekwe trained at the Delta State University (2002) and Benin University (2009) where he obtained a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Fine art.

His artistic technique which is inspired by traditional African art and architecture, tropical colours and contemporary 3d animated images is used to investigate complex human behavioral patterns within societal Context.

The artist has participated in several artist workshops including; Harmattan, triangle trust and US embassy art workshops.

Phillips has several commissioned projects to his credit. A triangle trust artist in residence (2012-2013), Ebedi artist and writer in residence (2015). He has exhibited both locally and internationally. His works can be found in prestigious private and institutional collections like the Gulf Bank and the Delta State legislative complex amongst others. He has also been featured in several publications like the East African magazine.

Additional Info:
Nsofor Ugochukwu Godwin (B.1985), is a contemporary Nigerian writer and visual artist whose work explores socio-cultural, religious and economic global narratives. Although drawn by African cosmologies especially the Igbo of which he is more familiar. He is inspired by the relativity of Global cultural views and had traveled extensively across Malaysia, Finland, Norway, South Africa, Kenya, Sweden, Dubai and America seeking anthropological answers to issues like Race, Migration, money culture, survival, spirituality, and human consciousness. In 2018 he published his first book FINDING GOLD; a coming of age story about Migration, survival, money, and pop culture, set in Malaysia and Nigeria, currently selling on Amazon and Smashword. His book has been widely acclaimed for being truthful, audacious and eye-opening. He graduated from Anambra State University, Nigeria, in 2009 and obtained a BSc in Banking & Finance. His training in Banking opened his curiosity into global money culture and how to interpret his findings artistically. In 2009 he took different visual art courses and trained as a sculptor and painter at the Akademik studios of Art Asaba in Delta state. He believes that all the art is connected and finds expression in any medium from the Literary, visual and musical arts. This probed him into more dimensions of creative thinking, meaning-making, and writing. He lives and works in New York.
Written Works
-Finding Gold – 2018 Reach publishers.
Workshops/residences and conferences.
Akademik studios of art exhibition 2009
Art and the community workshop.

Additional Info:
Windows of the soul series.
In this day and age it should be unheard of that anybody is denied their rights. Sadly, this is still the case in many African and third world countries, children and large majority of the populace are deprived of their fundamental Human Rights -Shelter, Food Education, Freedom; of Expression, Thought, Democracy, etc. Alot of emotions are buried as a result of these denials, leading to lots of questions running through the minds of the children which remains unanswered by the society. Emotions end up repressed even though the people cling on to fading hope, masquerading their insecurities and fears with plastic smiles and over dependence on fate and religion.
It is imperative that the potentials of Africans, especially children are fully explored for the benefit of the society, the world and a better, brighter future.

This body of work titled: “Windows of the Soul” series comprises of a collection of relief sculptures representative of anonymous African children, aims at Sensitising the public on the necessities of a closer examination of the needs of the African child beyond his facial expression however genial, but through his minds eye.

The sclpture pieces are produced from wood fiber, (reinforced wood dust and adhesives) comprising mainly of organic bye products from local sawmills and carpenter workshops which are usually disposed by burning in landfills, emitting harmful gasses that pollute the environment. This medium is the outcome of the artist studio upcycling experiment and is exclusively his.

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