Flamenco Dancers by Irena Prochazkova

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Artist Bio:
I have had a special relationship with fine art since my childhood. Every time I had a spare few moments I took a few crayons and started to draw. I have been influenced by the work of the Czech academic painter Bedriska Uzdilova with whom I have been painting for the last seven years. In the past I was studying with the Czech academic painter Teodor Buzu who taught me how to sense, conceive and feel colours. My idols have alwyas been old masters such as Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Monet.

I try to see the world positively and therefore I have been using a wide range of colours which you can see in my paintings. I choose themes which come from my own experiences, current visions and feelings. I often get the idea for making a new painting so unexpectadly as if i was struck by a summer storm. Then I just need to get down to work so that I do not miss the moment. I sometimes ask myself why I actually keep painting or what still urges me to do so ? I do not know how to explain that to be honest. The feeling I get is absolutely enchanting but heady and it simply absorbs me. It somehow sucks me in and it is beautiful or even addictive. I get the feeling when I bring the joy to people and it is fulfilling. I would like my paintings to effect people positively. I do not want to teach people as I feel it is not my life’s goal. What I see and want to show is my vision. In my paintings there is no negativity or evil. I just repel these things. They are not worthy of my heart and intelect.

All my life I have been looking for my own ’way of painting’…rather a way how to realise my ideas on canvas and how to hand over my views on this world and humanity. The way that would stop violence in the world and all people would appreciate collectiveness and unity. (PS: I do not want to sound ridiculous and I do not want these lines to sound like a cliché.) I just would like people to appreciate the huge cultural inheritance we were left by our predecessors and we should not forget it.

Artist Statement:
My name is Irena Prochazkova and I was born in the Czech Republic. I currently live in Prague.
All my pictures have been inspired by my travel experiences or images and some of them just by my normal life. I have been influenced by art styles such as impressionism, post-impressionism and expressionism that have never stopped fascinating me. My idols have alwyas been old masters such as Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Monet. Since 2011 I have been studying in the studio of the academic painter Bedriska Uzdilova.

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