pbblu by Israel Stolnicki

Booth #1211

Artist Statement:
My work is fully oil paint oriented and this is due to the timeless thruth this medium encompasses. It investigates the flatness of surfaces through the relationship among primary colors and their posterior mixing. Light and shadow, the entwinement of rather organic lines and some soft black composing tones altogether result in a long series of paintings which communicate with each other like fractals.

I dedicate my time obsessively to my research and reflections on the logic of chromatic sensations and the sensual interpretations of my personal desires, which intertwine with the visual observations of what surrounds me. My work is based on Abstract Expressionism and my references are: Pollock, Kooning, Auerbach, Albers, Rothko, Brice Marden, Twombly, Lucien Freud and others.

Supported by the idea of grids, I compulsively produce studies in my atelier. The paintings are placed philosophically and plastically through structured constructions. Always interacting with one another, they are elaborated on rectangular formats with sizes varying from small to large depending on their instinctive appeal. The viewer can move them around, creating their own “Art Installation”, revealing my searches, sensations and pictorial truth to be presented to the world through the painted work itself.

Contact Info:
Website: http://www.istolnicki.com

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