Lyrique 5 by J Scott Cilmi

Booth #1013

Artist Bio:
My paintings are mixed media on canvas, paper or archival board. I work with oil, acrylic, enamel, oil stick and pencil. Some of the paintings incorporate collage as a base and additives for texture.

Artist Statement
My paintings create a sense of energy and spirit that emanates from the layering of color, texture, the composition and the mark making. I am most interested in using juxtapositions of color and exploring how layers affect layers. Many of my paintings have a tactile three-dimensional presence due to the build up of textured surfaces on the canvas. The paintings are meant to be meditative, either peripherally or with focused attention.

My works continue to expand upon visual abstraction as an evolving language / non-language in which the painter and the audience have a shared experience within the landscape of the art. I have recently incorporated original Haikus and “poems” in some of my paintings, which further explores the combination of art and language. In these paintings the viewer is invited to be a “co-creator” as they have the opportunity to interpret both the image and the poem.

1985 – BFA The Tyler School of Art – Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

2012-2018 The Red Umbrellas Group – San Francisco, CA
2012-2014 Capture Gallery – Healdsburg, CA
2011 The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art – Novato, CA
2011-2012 The Cohen Abee Gallery – San Francisco, CA
2000-2010 The Cohen Rese Gallery – San Francisco, CA
2006-2007 The Union Square Gallery – San Francisco, CA
2000-2013 Editions Limited – Emeryville, CA
2006 Claudia Chapline Gallery – Stinson Beach, CA
1996-1999 Connextions Gallery – St Helena, CA
1996-1997 The Cilmi Gallery, Sausalito, CA

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