Female Human Body by Mingyu Jiang

Booth #1120

Artist Bio:
Artist Mingyu Jiang’s art activities are spread all over the world, including the United States, Europe and Asia.He came to Palm Beach and brought his art. This guy is a collector’s favorite artist.His works are bold in operation and express people’s inner feelings. Artist Mingyu Jiang’s Installation art work, winter in Beijing, won the highest award gold medal in 35th Korea Art Expo.

“I like art and I use various forms to express art.”

Additional Info:
The human body is very beautiful. I like to show the beautiful human body in the form of art. After the completion of Female Human Body, I did a data test in an exhibition. 90% of female art fans like it very much, while only 30% of male art fans like it. What does that mean?

Contact Info:
Email: 3395077325@qq.com
Facebook: Jeremy Jiang

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