Save Me V by Anki Linderoth

Booth #178

Artist Bio:
Anki Linderoth was born and still lives in the south of Sweden. Colors and shapes are fundamental to her; she often sees her surroundings in the form of pictures. Despite this, and her great interest in art and design, she chose the theoretical path and took a Master of Law and, a couple of years later, a degree in journalism. After many years working first as a lawyer and then as a journalist she quite recently decided to change direction in life and give time for her artistic interests. Since attending different shorter art programs in painting, croquis and sculpting she went to Falkenbergs School of Art KG II. Here she got the courage to start experimenting with different materials in a more abstract way. Photography, often processed digitally, together with her paintings, are now the tools in which se preferably express herself, maybe because it´s in the narrative art she fell most at home. Her artwork has its roots in street- and pop art, artforms that give her the most creative inspiration. In her own creative work, she frequently returns to people, faces, assorted fragments of life, solitude and relationships. Those issues as a form of searching for the sense of self fascinates her. Her digital work is printed either on canvas, HD floating metal, Fine Art Print paper, fabrics or plexiglass.

“I work both abstract ad figurative but regardless, my pieces often tend to express a dreamlike state and shun realism. Through my art, I strive to capture a feeling but also to tell a story. A story that´s not only mine but probably also yours together with everyone else’s”.

Contact Info: 
Cell: +46709560637
Instagram: @artbyankii
Instagram: @ankii_li

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