Human Gardening by Art By Bjork

Booth #178

Artist Bio:
My name is Terése Björk, I´m a 30 year old artist from Malmö, Sweden. My artistic journey started when I, in my twenties fell ill in an unusual autoimmune disease. At times I was unable to even hold a glass of water. After years of suffering I suddenly felt a desire to paint. When I started, I felt a sparkle in my heart, and from that came the process of heeling. Creating art helped me heal from the inside and out, it showed me how important it is to have faith and never give up on yourself.

I use acrylic paint, and whatever tools I can find, such as sponges, paper rolls, knifes and my hands. The purpose of my paintings is to give people a glimpse in a life with the healing power of colors. Welcome to my world!

Additional Info:
This artwork was created after I worked with individuals who suffered from addiction. When they came to rehab they had reached their bottom and were in hell. During rehab they got back their hopes, beliefs, values and willing to live. This transformation was amazing to observe and I dedicated this piece to them.

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