Think Like Me For A Twirl by Julie Ascher

Booth #1016

Artist Bio:
I am fascinated by “what makes what?”, chaotic forms and their properties. My sculptural paintings evoke how life and objects around us are structured to protect what is hidden. Pulling back protective layers of materials exposes the kernel of a subject, not just what is outwardly visible but also what may be true yet obscured.

Expose` is the common thread, but I never conform to a specific genre and continuously develop tools, experiment with materials and techniques. I typically begin each piece with my eyes closed, accessing my sensorial memory and using my hands to lay down the initial layers. These intuitive layers take on meaning and purpose as the surface structure is changed, layers, textures and lines are added. As the piece is built and manipulated, the level of exposure of what is hidden and vulnerable becomes vocal.

Additional Info:
Think Like Me for a Twirl is the 1st piece of this series that delves into the depths of perception and space.  The rules: tell a story without speaking aloud, using one tool, one continuous motion, never lifting the tool off the surface. In a sense this piece is a representation of how I think as I explain something that does not yet exist. Acrylic, powdered graphite on canvas.

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