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“Gaby Pühmeyer was born in Stuttgart/Germany in 1954. Widespread travel and a study of different cultures – even when she was young – still influence her work. In 1996, she enrolled to study art therapy in Nuertingen. During the course, she became acquainted with clay as a medium and was fascinated by it. She managed to get a place to study under Dora Várkonyi and from 1998, she was able to transfer to the Freie Kunstakademie in Nuertingen, studying figural ceramics there until she gratuated in 2004. Since 2004, Gaby Pühmeyer has successfully run a ceramic studio in Esslingen. Working with animal symbols is the core content of the artist´s work. These aspects of content are repeated and expanded in accordance with an internal canon. Although a thematic orientation is thus predefined, how the pieces are individually shaped remains open. Pühmeyer describes the creation process as “open collaboration”.

In this context, although Pühmeyer gives contentual impetus, she does not define the message of her works. This gives the viewer the opportunaty to become involved with the theme of women ant their assistants in animal form.” (Prof. Roswitha Bader, 2018)

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