Lapis Tree of Life by Maira Abbasi

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Maira Abbasi (Pakistan b1971)is an Artist based in New Jersey belonging to the Royal Abbasi Family.
Her grandfather Amir Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi V was the direct descendent from the Abbasid Caliphate second of the two greatest dynasties of the Muslim Caliphates.750 CE.
Essays of this dynasty can be found featured in THE MET.
It came to be known as the Golden Age of Learning,Architecture,Music and Literature, it was during this time that Caliph Hārūn Ul Rashid Abbasi that the famed Arabian Nights also know as The One Thousand and One Nights was compiled she grew up reading it and was inspired by the magic and wonder.
She completed her Her Bachelor In Fine Arts from Hunerkada College of Visual and Performing Arts in 1995 with an honors degree. She went on to hold several shows, privately and commercially commissioned works.did installation projects and donated her work for various fundraiser in the hope to give back. Recently she was awarded the Paul Harris Award for the donationof her painting by the East Yonkers Rotary Club.
To her, art has no linguistic or geographical boundaries it bridges gaps challenges society and ignites intellectual conversation and self reflection. Maira draws inspiration directly from her own roots and heritage ,as a child she grew up surrounded by artifacts,monogrammed silverware and fascinating stories of a bygone era. As a young student of art she was deeply inspired and moved by the magnificence to her ancestral home of Bahawalpur . The Derawar fort in the heart of the mystical Cholistan Desert with the Sufi saints and the land of the poets s the magnificent palaces all etched in her mind which influenced and moulded her into the artist she aspires to be.
She has chosen to break away from flat surfaces and incorporate 3D boards with a strong sense of architecture, along with textured surfaces to encourage her audience to interact with the art to use the sense of sight and touch. She is inspired by the opulence and grandeur of Islamic Art and Architecture with the Honeycomb Ceilings intricate motif of stylized foliage, calligraphy with its movement and motion, life sustaining water fountains sunbathed silent corridors with jewel like mosaic work.
Like DNA carries within it the footprint of human appearance and behavior, she believes that art carries the DNA of a society. After immigrating to The United States she often felt the need to explain her origin she turned to her roots and heritage which has compelled her to paint the Eastern subject matter but to execute it in a contemporary way with the techniques used in an attempt to find balance between blind conservatism and loss of the essence of her ideology.
Change, growth and assimilation are imperative yet perspective of where one comes from is imperative too she hopes her work can contribute to an already rich and diverse patchwork which to her is unique in nature to America.
Maira presently lives in Nj with her husband and two precious boys. She loves to travel and educate herself and experience the beauty and novelty of the world.She loves to share her work with an audience for what is a book written but not read, music composed but not heard or a painting created but not seen. She maintains that her work may be far from perfection but perhaps it is explicit to quote
“Were I to await perfection, my book would never be finished”
Tai- T’Ung
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