Without A Care In The World by Marianne Enhrning

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Artist Bio:
Marianne Enhörning is a West Coast Canadian artist. Born in Sweden, she is deeply influenced by her family heritage. Marianne has spent many years alternating her time between natural and urban environments: on the West Coast as a kayak guide and in cities, working in architecture. Before architecture, she had studied fine arts as part of her BA and has now returned to her true vocation, painting. Marianne creates evocative, dreamlike works in oil that are figurative, nature influenced and abstractly architectural. Her art emerges from her deep sense of longing for a world that is inclusive, equal and just; a world that is simple and kind.

“Painting is my voice, the place where I can express passions that words can’t reach. I begin with a palette of paint, a new canvas and no preconceived ideas. When I raise my head, I see an image true to my being that still evades words.”

Additional Info:
Utilizing a combination of bold, textural strokes and delicate lines, Marianne connects to herself as a woman. Personal longing has fed the work and an internal struggle exists in the layers of the art. Using intuition, heart and soul, the artist creates strong, graceful paintings that are grounded in hope, love and whimsy.

Press Release:
Marianne’s figurative work is a tribute to the indomitable power of women. her life size figures celebrate inner strength and personal power. Despite the many challenges faced by women culturally and historically, they rise above, using love, wisdom, and the sisterhood to prevail against all odds. Theses iconic women love life and all that it means to be a woman.

Contact Info:
Website: http://enhorningdesign.com

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