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The BATTUTO is a glass working technique used in Murano in particular in the second half of the XXI century for artistic creations.  Its success and development are owed to Carlo Scarpa, a brilliant architect and designer who used it to create a wide variety of vases and decorative objects.

The BATTUTO is a specific cold work technique used to decorate the surface of the glass with little facets that enhance its beauty and make the different layers of color visible. For this reason, it is possible to say that, among all the cold-technique, it’s the one for which the ability of the master is more important as he is the one who decides, just when he has the piece in his hand, how to work it. This means deciding the type, the size and the depth of the work. Clearly these decisions require a high knowledge of the material and of the tools available, a great ability, a high precision and a perfect understanding of each piece as, only when he has it in his hands, the master decides how to execute it. 

There are two types of BATTUTO:

THE CLASSIC, the master working only the more external layer of glass that is, generally, transparent. This means that the operator working just a few millimeter of glass to create surface effects.

EVOLUTION OF THE BATTUTO   in this case the working will have different degrees of depth as to show one or more layers of colours. In the most challenging cases, the master dig so deep that only a thin layer of glass will remain, so as to enhance the beauty of all the colour tones.

Actually, the more layers the operator wants to show, the more difficult the work becomes, both colour combinations and battuto must be harmonious, creating a drawing without imperfections .

Each specialist has his own style, his preferences and his taste: this allows identifying the ability and the touch of a great master. Pietro and Riccardo was born in 1975 and in 1980, have learnt this technique from their father who was one of the most appreciated and capable specialists of the island in this art.  With more than 25 experience, they are now internationally renowned artists. 

Their pieces of art are the result of several days of work and of the exchange of hundreds wheels to grant accurate and unique masterpieces. Their works are displayed in Murano and in the world.

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