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Artist MD Abramowitz: Finding Tranquility, by Art World News Editor, Sarah Seamark
From the glass studio set high on a cliff overlooking Raritan Bay in Keyport, New Jersey, MD Abramowitz translates the ever-changing sweeping view of sea and sky into tranquil works of art. Recent paintings and limited edition prints have evolved from her Peace and Tranquility series of Mudra figurative paintings symbolic of Namaste meditative poses,  to expansive atmospheric sea and skyscapes.

A viewer’s response to MD’s new studies of the ocean and sky beyond her studio is similar to that of the series of energy-changing Mudra poses—one of a deeper sense of inner tranquility. The studio is a unique glass greenhouse, facing north – the best light an artist could wish for. Set high on a cliff above the grounds of MD’s historic and beloved Queen Anne house, Lipstick Hill. The view from the studio is different every day, as variable as the weather and the seasons, a perspective ever changing. With the newest series of paintings, each captures that which has once existed, a sunrise or sunset that witnessed one day of calm and invariably different the next. Maybe one awakens to a view shrouded in fog, veiling the Verrazano and Outer Bridges. Still, in this peace and quiet one can hear the crickets sing and in the foreground the outline ofa couple of cormorants.

MD parlays all of these emotions into original oil paintings evolving from the mantra of knowing, “There is nothing new in art, only the observer’s interpretation and love”. For four decades, MD has published her work through Abramowitz Fine Arts.  Art influenced by a life of adventure and the experience of different cultures. While, along the way, learning to love life and appreciate the little things—the laughter of a child, the sound of the waves along the shore. All of these inspirations come to the fore in paintings where Time and Tides are ever the hallmark. In her artistic journey she has worked in various genres commissions from wildlife to figurative.  These creations range from large oil paintings to delicate watercolors for children’s books. Abramowitz credits parental influence on the development of an artistic career.

Mother’s words: “Don’t tell me what you did today, show me,” became a concept that laid the foundation of a Life in the Arts, “encouragement without demands” And it was MD’s Father who helped acquire commissions early on, giving encouragement thru his belief in her innate creativity.

Through these commissions came an understanding that value is perceived and established by the viewer’s interpretation of a work of art. Always knowing “There is no greater gift than a part of yourself— Appreciation completes the Circle of Life & Gifts.” MD believes there is nothing new in art, only theobserver’s interpretations. “Art is like love, easier to experience than to define.

No one can agree on the definition of either, only on the simulation of our minds. All that has true meaning is what one has created by the end of one’s life…interpretations of how that journey was lived.” MD’s credo is to try to do one good deed a day. “Just a kind word makes a world of difference.”

Abramowitz’s oils on Belgian linen retail for $1,500 to $25,000. Hand-embellished giclées in editions of 20 retail for $650 are also available.

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