Morning Rockstar by Michelle Decker

Booth #RA-30

Artist Bio:
South African Wildlife artist, Michelle Decker, expresses her great love for all wildlife by portraying them in a bold, yet realistic style that captures the true nature of the animals. She photographs all her subjects personally, giving her first-hand knowledge of their character and detail.

A combination of fine-art training, time spent in nature studying her subjects & 30 years of painting experience, has resulted in her unique approach to painting wildlife that is highly skilled, well composed & freshly executed.

Additional Info:
Inspired by the many hues of African sunrises & sunsets, I single out the most intense tone of the moment to express the subjects mood. I work in Acrylic ink for the love of it’s vibrant pigments & unpredictable nature which adds to the sense of spontaneity & exuberance of each piece.

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