Reclining Lady by Nakibul G. Ahsan

Booth #387

Artist Bio:
Nakibul G. Ahsan was born and brought up in Nagaon, a cultured town in Assam, in the northeastern corner of India. He took to art very early in life, but kept that as a hobby till now, as a self-taught artist. He did his Masters in History from Delhi University, and Business Administration from now Waltham Forest University, London. His other interests are Photography, Reading, Classical Music and Dance, and Gourmet cooking, and flying kites. An interesting episode in his life was his discovery after his engagement that the bride-to-be had in her possession an early painting of his for twelve long years.

Additional info: 
Human figures from various stations in life from the Country of birth India, in bright, deep or earthy colors are found in most of the artworks.

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