Booth #S513

Artist Bio:
Natalie Schorr is an abstract artist from south Louisiana. If not working on a painting, she can be found in the pottery studio perfecting a series of mixed media clay and metal art vessels. Her philosophy on collecting art: “Collect the pieces you love!”

Artist Statement:
Having an aunt who is a professional artist, the influence of the arts and access to a working studio has been quite familiar. I have always considered myself to be “creative” but that creativity manifested itself through interior design, space-planning, and art collecting. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized my personal collection contained an equal quantity of my own work! So, with the encouragement of my husband and girls, I am painting, creating, and sharing my work…and what a joy to be amongst other professional, talented artists and inquisitive, curious collectors, all whom hold an embracing passion for art!

Additional Info:
My scale has always been large and my work is typically based in a black, white, gray color scale with carefully placed pops of eye-catching color. Heavy knife work, texture, and bold linear forms are foundations of my work. My hope is that you can hear it sing!

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