Blue Eyed Horse by Patricia Gilman

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Artist Bio:
The year is 2002.  The trip is a cruise around Cape Horn.  The camera is a Pentax film camera.  This is how it began.  Coming home from this trip, I showed my pictures to my friend, a photographer who I very much admired.  My friend said, “you have a really good eye for composition, you should take this more seriously.”  So I did.

I thought it time to experiment with other artistic avenues so I meshed my painting with my photography. This would become an interesting inclusion in my photography.

In 2002 I bought my first digital camera.  A Fuji 4800.  As my photography grew so did my cameras, moving to Pentax then to Nikon, and finally to Sony for their mirrorless camera, A6300. But in 2002 time, digital was new to the market, so easy to use and no more film to carry around. Who knew how much other stuff we would need in the digital world?

Travel became a different animal now that I had my camera.  Photography became a reason to travel and travel became a reason to take pictures.

To piggyback on my interest in photography, I joined the Professional Women Photographers group, a not for profit organization dedicated to helping women photographers learn and advance their craft.   I sat on the board for 9 years doing all kinds of projects, the newsletter, Imprints; Student Awards program; a New Members exhibition, along with many other projects.

In 2012, my business partner, Maddi Ring, and I decided to start a company that afforded photographers an opportunity to exhibit their work in a New York City gallery, New York Center for Photographic Art.  We do this through competitions, information at In 2015 we added Photo Travel Tours to our business model.  Our first trip was to Greenland and Iceland – and was a complete success.  We are working on other projects at this time.

Most recently, I have created textiles from my photographs that are then turned in to clothing and accessories, pillows, scarves, t-shirts, wraps, 4 different types of handbags. Jewelry and wall hangings have been added to the inventory as well. New products are added regularly.

My textiles can be seen at and my photographs at

Artist Statement:
I was watching a small herd of horses approach and, as the front one came close, the sun caught it in the eye and turned they eye blue from the sky.

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