Bubbles by Susan Chamberland

Booth #458

Artist Bio:
Ms. Chamberland has been involved with creative endeavors since she was a little kid, copying the images of greeting cards in pencil while waiting to be called for supper. Sewing lessons under the tutelage of her dressmaker great grandmother. Entering art competitions as a child and winning with her colored crayon drawing of the World’s Fair. Directing plays with her pals using the front porch as a stage. Investigating photography with her Kodak Instamatic camera at seven.

After college Ms. Chamberland worked as an interior designer drafting lines in pencil on velum. This is when her work migrated to laminating colored paper strips representing lines which were woven into a paper substrate creating relief sculptures. The laminated lines are experienced by the viewer as bold saturated colors. Transferring her everyday work life medium of paper to a morphed direction, Ms. Chamberland began to experiment with marbleizing paper swishing ink in a submersed bath of water. More paper art ensued in the study and creation of handmade paper. These materials the viewer can experience melded with hand painted strips of woven curled paper intermixed with a substrate of handmade paper. Subsequent pieces are woven hand colored paper lines if you will adhered to a molded handmade paper substrate. These woven paper pieces are reminiscent of her learned sewing from her great grandmother and then studying with her mother yet another dressmaker, looking at shapes of couture women’s apparel.

Ms. Chamberland an avid sailor integrated her passion into her art taking hand colored strips of paper weaving them into nautical charts. The integration of textiles and sailing enmeshed when Ms. Chamberland took nautical charts and wove hand colored paper. Weaving colors that reflect the symbols of the charts, and intermingling the aspect of her practice of interior design and the materials she specified as carpet. The yin and yang of materials of life.

Ms. Chamberland found the world around her intriguing where many objects represented duel meanings, presenting infinite possibilities for visual expression. Ms. Chamberland was presented with the Connecticut Academy of Fine Art photography award in 2015.

Her photography endeavor was fueled by her engineer father and his passion for the technical aspect of photography. Intrigued yet again by lines an ingrained element of her professional life exploded, morphed, blazoned to documenting the lines of life surrounding her. Two pieces of stainless steel in a ferry’s capstan rendered itself to a simple cross. A yellow line draped over the forks a stile symbolized a person of the cloth.

The press of her first one woman show raved her, “Chart Art” not surprising as the venue was in one of America preeminent sailing towns. January 2016 brought Ms. Chamberland mixed media piece, “Wave of Light” to the Quantfuss invitational show in Berlin, Germany.

In 2016 the PH 21 Gallery Budapest, Hungary, awarded her Jurors Choice in their “Lines and Curves” show.

Education: B.S., Design and Resource Management, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA, 1980

Contact Info:
Website: http://www.susanfchamberland.com
Email: s.chamberland@sbcglobal.net

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