Shy by Olayinka Kasali

Booth #385

Artist Bio:

Olayinka Kasali is a dynamic and visionary artist who produces sculptures and paintings that engage the minds and hearts of viewers and resonate within our religious, social and political culture. He studied Fine Arts with a major in sculpture at the prestigious Yaba College of Technology, Lagos state, Nigeria. He also possesses a Postgraduate Diploma in Education which qualified him to teach Art in schools.

Olayinka has two solos to his credit and numerous group shows home and abroad including “Turning point; 2008, “Blossom; 2009”, Treasures of creation; 2013, African Arts and Crafts Expo; 2013, New York Art Expo 2016, Contemporary Nigerian Arts Exhibition, Chicago; 2016 etc. His works are housed in hundreds of private and corporate collections around the world.

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