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Artist Bio:
Academician of the arts Moscow, Russia
1974 – design of the Soviet pavilion at the festival of L’Unità newspaper
in Bologna, Italy.
1990 – participation in the setting up of Osaka (Japan) World Expo 1990
Gas Pavilion .
1990 – “Young Russian Art”. Bramante Center, Rome.
1992 – «Russian Art of the 20th Century», Nassau County Museum of
Art, New York.
1992-93 – Two exhibitions “Three Russian Artists”. Murcia, Madrid
1992-1993 – Tokyo Art Expo, ART MYTH-1, ART MYTH-2
1994 – «Russian Collection in Japan», Osaka, Fukuoka.
1997 – «Russian Collection», The Palace of Nations, Geneva,
2005 – second place in the nomination “Portrait of the Year” – the
European Prize LEAD AWARRDS 2005 , Hamburg.
2005 – “GOOTT SEHEN”/ (Kunstmuseum des Kanton Thugau.
Dorothee Messmer.)
2006г- exhibition “The Window. Russian Art”. SOTHEBY*S, New-
2006 – exhibition “The Master and Margarita” in Florence.
2007 – exhibition in the Mimi Ferst gallery in New York.
2008 – “Moscow – New York” in New York, Chelsea.
2009 – multi-touch art presentation “Mirror Dreams” and “The Woman
& the Fly” as part of the 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.
2009 – “The Chaos Space” – the Center of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia.(Catalogue).
2009 – “АRT-DIGITAL 2009″- The M’ARS Center of Contemporary
Art. (as part of the 3rd Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art).
2009 – The Aidan Gallery at FIAC-2009, Paris. Stereo light panels.
2010 – exhibition of members of the Russian Academy of Arts in Paris
2011 – the February auction at PHILIPS de PURY&COMPANY.
2011 – personal exhibition at the Carré Doré Gallery in Monaco (about 20 works on canvas and 3 stereo light panels). March 2011.
2011 – personal exhibition in the Mimi Ferst Gallery in New York (nearly 30 works on canvas). February 2011.
2011 – participation in the 4th International Biennale of Contemporary
Art in Venice and Murano. Special projects GLASSTRESS 2011.
2011 – parallel program of the 4th International Biennale of Contemporary Art. Installation in the “Commune House” – “The Commune”. 20х4м. Curator, V.Kulish.
2011– parallel program of the 4th International Biennale of Contemporary Art.
Project “Anthropology”. Curator, N. Kamenetskya.
2012 – personal exhibition ANGEL’S EYE in the Aircraft Gallery, Bratislava.
2019 – participation “Art Dubai ” exhibition ОАЭ
2019 – participation “Art Miami” exhibition America Miami Florida
2020-personal exhibition of the Academy of arts

A professor of the design department of the Dimitrovgrad Branch of the
Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Ulyanovsk Region, and a
professor of the department of art theory and history at the Stroganov
Academy, Moscow.
• state Tretyakov gallery
• State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg)
* Museum Of Modern Art (Vienna, Austria)
• State Center For Contemporary Art (Moscow)
* Moscow Museum Of Modern Art
• Russian art Academy
• Yaroslavl art museum
* Corporate collection ” ZigZag Vencher-Group “(USA)
• The Collection Of A. Glezer
* Collections of the M’ars Museum
* Private collection of Viktor Bondarenko
* Private collection of Ya. Galperin
* Private collection of Alexander Smuzikov (Moscow)
• Private collection of Umar Dzhabrailov (Moscow)
• Private and corporate collections in Russia, Europe, Asia, USA, and Latin America

Additional Info:
Combining two bright and even brilliant artists, who seem completely different at first glance, in one project, is an incredibly difficult task, a real challenge and a manifestation of an author’s courage. Alexander is a master of skillful artistic plasticity, colorist, retrospectivist, visionary, an “engineer of human souls”, full of subtle irony. Konstantin is a born analyst of facts, bravely breaking into the world of virtual labyrinths, digital technologies, innovative means of concept expression. There are, however, certain original, underlying impulses that would allow to compare two seemingly different creative programs, presenting the viewer with a possibility to draw an inspiring feeling of entering a universal endlessness through research and aesthetic transformation of human image. In both programs the image, the body, even the virtual sculpture of Adam the forefather, addressing the icon-painting prototypes, is a unified mystical and symbolic model of the Universe. The portraits by Alexander are multidimensional, layering philosophical connotations, devaluating the familiar shape and assembling its pieces into a new super-expressive artistic integrity. The stereo-light panels by Konstantin are a metaphor of flawless female corporality in the glow of mysterious objects with their jewel-like shine. The human inner essence, showing through appealing exterior, reveals its surreal, virtually mystical entity, charged with the energy impulse of the infinite Universe. The humanity, while remaining visible and inseverable from the art, becomes a magical image, emerging from the depths of subconsciousness and accumulating eternal virtues of metaphysical beauty, life-building dynamic, unstoppable pulsation of thought.

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