Aries by Errick Freeman

Booth #RA-22

Artist Bio:
Errick Freeman (Pach Atomz) is an artist specializing in original pyrography techniques. Freeman was born in Delaware Ohio in 1974. Growing up in a low income family, Freeman started creating and inventing at an early age. He would repurpose old toys and jewelry for entertainment. His first drawings were of his childhood hero, Voltron. By the age of 10, Freeman had already been featured in his first art show.

Although Freeman did attend Kent State University for a time and has some experience in glass blowing, he is mainly self-taught. His creations of color images by use of fire are original and is a technique that he has been practicing and developing for over 10 years. He finds the people around him intriguing but states that he does not necessarily need inspiration to create, he just does. It is like breathing for him.

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