In Search of Silence by Paul Christener

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Artist Statement:
In Search of Silence

The idea behind “In Search of Silence” was born in 2014 during my first stay in Greenland – together with my wife, we trekked in complete solitude for weeks. There, I realized my deep need for silence. After that, I began to search for moments of silence.

I am fascinated by gloomy views, by dark and heavy clouds, by cold water, and by huge snow walls. I prefer to work in soft light because there are no dark shadows or harsh highlights. I try to incorporate fog, rain, and falling snow. You will almost never find a well-known or famous location in my work.

To locate such places is one thing; to be there at the right time is much more difficult. The success of my work relies on timing and a lot of luck. In all cases, my method of photography reduces life to what fits into my backpack.

In 2018, my work was exhibited in London, Tokyo, New York, Paris, Palermo, and Venice.

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