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Artist Bio:
Living across the US for the last 25 years, Paul Seftel is originally from London and has been living and working on the California coast in Monterey for the last 5 years. A constant explorer and traveler, Paul was in NYC for nearly a decade, creating, exhibiting and running studios and project spaces in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Paul also spent many years living in Colorado and New Mexico, exploring the Southwest US. Seftel has studied art and the history of Art since childhood and throughout school in London, and at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Additional Info:
Creating his own paints and mixtures with minerals and raw pigments, Seftel’s compositions build up over the surface of the canvas revealing hidden depths layer upon layer. Exploring the spectrum, where color comes from and how it is made, Seftel’s experiments with transformative blue green and turquoise hues are achieved with oxidation of metal pigments, iron oxides and rusts, and limestone mixed with ingredients like marble dust, mica, quartz and polymer to create cured stone and metal surfaces. Sometimes incorporating old US postage stamps into his works, the use of the found materials capture a lost world, revealed in the surface geology of his post historical paintings.

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