The Boat Builders Brandy by Mike Clark

Booth #285

Artist Bio:
Mike Clark’s paintings of Representational Realism and Still Life require acute observations and reproduction techniques that he has utilized over 25 years.  Mike believes the challenge is to create a ‘Real Life Space’ on canvas with oil medium and application.  Mike’s work is successful when the viewer’s Critical Eye and brain has been fooled…
when the observer sees an object where only paint and canvas exist – the magic has been made by tricking the brain.

Montana artist Mike Clark’s artwork lives in many private collections, local Montana galleries, the Yellowstone Art Museum and recently he completed a 12 piece Corporate Commission for Northern Oil and Gas of the Oil Industry and the Bakken Oil Field Boom.

Additional Info:
‘The Boat Builder’s Brandy’ is a Love Story of Craft, Spirits, Travel and a Woman.  Good and bad decisions were made – plans for the future – as well as promises left unfinished… Mike’s painting took a two year journey on his easel.
Clues are hidden in this story and placed upon the canvas for the viewer to sail. What exotic ports can you imagine ‘The Boat-builder’ has traveled?

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