Fluid Movement No. 2 by Petra Bernstein

Booth #373

Artist Bio:
Petra Bernstein is a Maryland based artist who works in various styles. She received her BFA from the University of Salisbury with a concentration in painting, Suma Cum Laude. Born and raised in the German countryside, Petra learned to appreciate nature at an early age. Her biggest source of inspiration for her artwork comes from observing and capturing nature.

Petra pursued a traditional representational painting style, before she discovered her passion for abstraction. Over the last few years she has been experimenting with the formal elements of art and built a new body of abstract works. Her often geometric compositions radiate a colorful energy. “Abstract Art is liberating for me and allows me to follow my intuition” Petra has been exploring the shape and form of the cross as the symbol of resurrection and of her own faith.

Petra has shown her artwork in Cheslea, New York, as well as Italy and Spain. She frequently exhibits in local art galleries and has won several awards for her work.

Artist Statement:
“Influenced by my history and evolving around my thoughts and emotions, my artwork is a visual interpretation of all that inspires me. My diverse ideas originate in the complexity of my mind, where I am able to create something that is unique to me and free from boundaries. Reality, imagination and abstraction all co-exist and need no explanation. The unexplained is far more intriguing, as it resides beyond the picture plane.”

Petra Bernstein
January 2019

Contact Info:
Website: http://www.petrabernstein.com
Email: pmbernstein@comcast.net
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/petrabernsteinart
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/petra.bernstein

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