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Artist Bio:
Phillip was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago. At the age of eighteen, he decided to leave home to begin a journey on his own. After traveling for several years, he began studying art at Stony Brook University and subsequently Florence University of the Arts in Italy, ultimately receiving his BFA from Hunter College. Upon graduation, Phillip spent the winter in Thailand and India where he immersed himself in making art. For the past four years, he has continued to focus on abstract painting, personal growth, and traveling to art fairs across the United States to show his work. Phillip works out of a studio in The Hamptons, New York in the summer and Miami in the winter.

Additional Info:
The source of my work is from within. There is a consistency in the work in that it is composed of intertwining and layered strokes but the process is spontaneous. That is where the freshness comes from. The life of the painting lies in what goes into it.

It is my entire body and being that paints. The strokes move. They carry energy. The overall quality is full and active yet balanced.

I paint with acrylic on paper and on canvas using a brush. The marks are applied with purpose and precision. The decision-making, or action, is based on trust and is a direct route to creation. I’m just sharing what’s inside or what passes through me.

The art has allowed me to go deeper in. I paint for hours straight. I do not get lost in it, but rather I am discovering through the doing. I become more aware, in tune, watchful, interested, and involved. Painting shows me the way because it reveals reality. From this process I grow, and in turn, the art grows as well.

The meaning of the art is inherent in the physical aspects of the painting: the colors, strokes and movement. People may relate to it in their own way, but the work often speaks to me while painting. I hear messages, have feelings…this is all part of the growth and discovery.

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