Large Leaf Maple by Dorothy Krakauer

Booth #1315

Artist Bio:
International artist, curator, and art instructor Dorothy Krakauer works in oils, watercolors, pencils, charcoal, pastels and photography. Her artwork has been in numerous group and solo exhibits worldwide, including solo exhibits in New York, Gran Canaria, and Boston. She is a cofounder of Fountain House Gallery, New York, where she serves on the Gallery Steering Committee. Her artwork appears in publications including Arte News Publishing Magazine; Entertainment Vine 2017; ARTNews Summer 2014; Studio & Gallery Summer 2014; Talent in Motion Magazine; The Edge Hell’s Kitchen NYC; Fresh View, AFHGNY; and on numerous websites. Her original oil painting of Saint Francis of Assisi in the sanctuary of the Cathedral of Saint the Evangelist, Izmir, Turkey, is a designated National Art Treasure of Turkey. Dorothy has taught techniques in oil painting; classes on Asian culture; fashion modeling; personal growth; and English as a Second Language. Dorothy studied oil painting in Tokyo, Japan; photography design and printing at the University of Utah; painting and drawing from the live model at Mass College of Art; and received a Bachelor of Arts from UMass Boston. Her artwork hangs in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Turkey, South and Central America.

Artist Statement:
A lifelong love of nature and fascination with trees and leaves led to the creation of the paintings I am doing now. I remember as a child enjoying the discovery that all leaves are not green even in spring and summer, nor are all tree trunks brown. My paintings and photographs are an intense study of nature, and I love to work in the quiet and solitude of my studio or outside. I do like it when children come around, watch and ask questions while I am working outside, and I enjoy the moments when the birds and wild animals stop to watch me. Sometimes they come so close I could touch them, but I do not want to frighten them away. I studied oil painting in Tokyo and my artwork is inspired by the Japanese movement of painting and design that emerged in Japan during the Edo period (1615-1868), known as Rinpa, that was a revitalization of Yamato-e, Japanese style painting developed in the ninth century. The work is characterized by a rich palette of colors, softly contoured landscapes, and emphasis on themes drawn from poetry and primarily secular subject matter. I want to touch things that I find beautiful so working with leaves and flowers is perhaps idyll for me.

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