The Painter by Renata Cuellar

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Artist Bio:
Renata Cuellar was born in Bogota, Colombia. At a very young age it was apparent she was born an artist. Renata grew an extensive interest towards creating and expressing herself through art. At the age of six, she began attending the Roslyn School of Painting and began oil painting. She attended this school for many years to come. Later she went on to attend the University of Central Florida and earned a Baccalaureate in Psychology. Renata’s motive was to help people and bring more light into this world. She currently does so through her artworks. Renata is now a professional artist who specializes in commission artworks for private clients and expresses herself fully with bright colors and stories that fill the canvas. She brings out emotion and energy healing art that is expressed from the soul and heart. Renata uses many depths of texture in her works along with incorporating mixed media. She also creates non-static artworks that capture movement and change in different lighting. Additionally, her expertise as a colorist allows her to combine many different colors that cohesively and peacefully spring forth masterpieces that reflect this energy in their presence.

Additional Info:
This art piece, “The Painter” is filled with depth of expressionism and impressionistically painted. Renata’s use of colors are completely unique. Even though the artist captured one image, when one works their eyes around the artwork, they will notice that the artwork moves. This painting signifies the balancing of life. We all have to balance our lives with family, work, enjoyment of life, etc. The artist in the painting is painting her self-portrait while she is holding her guitar and referencing herself in the midst of painting. Renata also likes to incorporate the sound of music into her artworks, so when the viewer sees her art they feel the presence of music and the breadth of movement and textures in her artworks.

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