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Roman Chernego (Ger. Roman Schernego / Romik) – was born in Tashkent (Republic of Uzbekistan, USSR) in 1966. As a child he showed his artistic talent and took his first lessons in the art studio of Mikhail Schilkin. Focus: portraits and caricatures. Later he lived for many years in Latvia (Liepaja, Riga), where he continued to study art (lessons with Prof. Romis Bems, Latvian Art Academy). 

oman has lived and worked in Germany (Hamburg) since 1995, where he developed his own expressive style: “Extreme Art”.

1996-97 private lessons with Prof. Ruediger Stoye (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences), who directed the young artist on his own artistic path. Since then, various solo and group exhibitions have taken place. He has won the Audience Award multiple times, and has been a member of the National Association of Artists since 2004.

2015-19 participation in international Plein Air festivals in Poland and in Ukraine. His art can be found in private collections in Germany and throughout the world, as well as in several museums in Ukraine.

“Depictions of people play a central role in my works. To me, there is nothing more fascinating than humans and all our odd habits, moods, blessings and flaws. Candid scenes from everyday life are a great source of inspiration to me. And the more spontaneous the situation, the more emotion it evokes in the observer. As a modernist, I deviate from the traditional forms and invent new ones. The angular lines and shapes of my works, partly connected with cubist and humor elements, are just like human life, with its many edges, curves and breaks. We relentlessly search for harmony among the chaos, and – thank God – find it.”

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