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Artist Bio:
Over time, as Sachie’s artistic expressions have expanded yet simultaneously gained focus, she finds herself passionately drawn to Marionettes as a focus theme for her artwork, taking inspiration from the turmoil of worldwide current issues affecting all of humanity.

Through Sachie’s artwork she hopes to show how we, the human race, seemingly feels under the control of an unknown, unseen, unfair and unrelenting “power”.

Symbolically, her Marionettes represent people of the world with strings controlling its motions and constantly tangling as the “power” maneuvers to always be the dominant force over the people.

Sachie feels Japanese citizens are still nervous and worried as our neighboring countries are increasing spending time and resources on their military. The heart break of refugee crises continually unfold worldwide, There is so much madness and sadness in this world, if the strings that control us are to be untangled, then it is the human spirit that can eventually untangle them to create the change that will liberate our minds towards a brighter future.

Sachie believes her artwork can spark inspiration to those striving to achieve liberation. Art is a way for her to express our anguish and also our hope towards a glimpse of a better world for all of us.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
Jan. 2019, LA Art Show 2019, GALERIE YOSHII, #229,Calif,USA
Dec.2019, Gallery TAKASHIMAYA-Kyoto, Kyoto,Japan

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