Goodbye Everybody I've Got to Go by Samer Hourani

Booth #1124

Artist Bio:
Samer Hourani is a contemporary visual artist based in Amman, Jordan.

His richly nuanced artworks are inspired by seminal artists the likes of Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, making for a very kaleidoscopic creative approach that seamlessly borrows from different influences and eras.

Samer’s artworks are particularly distinctive due to the colorful tones and patchwork aesthetics, which tip the hat to figurative pop art in a modern feel. His distinctive approach to color matching adds depth and texture to his pieces.

Like some of the best artists inspired by the pop-art movement, Samer conveys strong and powerful messages through his work. His pieces are endowed with references to contemporary culture, in a way that they remain subtle yet open-ended, allowing the viewers to interpret the works according to their particular perceptions.

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