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Artist Bio:
Simone von Anhalt
born in Munich
is an abstract painter and cosmopolitan

Having felt at home all over the world since childhood, and having spent several years in Brazil as a teenager, Simone has met many soulful people with deep spirituality and love for nature.

These people and experiences have inspired her entire being, her life and her artistic pieces to authenticity, curiosity and positive emotions.

Her paintings invite the beholder to feel deeply within and surrender to these feelings freely.

Although painting has always accompanied her, she has intensified her work in recent years due to the greatly increasing demand for her art.

Various smaller exhibitions (Worldwide)
Werkstatt Galerie, Munich (Germany)
Opening of her own gallery GALERIE AM SCHLOSS, Munich (Germany)
Artfair, Leipzig (Germany)
Townhall, Gilching (Germany) – own exhibition
Art Expo, New York (USA)

Additional Info:
“The Source” is one of my most inspiring peace of artwork. While painting it showed clearly that we are all one. The symbol of the face can be seen even as a landscape we are all living in, and also carrying deep inside of us. Each one of us has his own landscape. The mountains, the pathes, the forest, the ups and downs, the caves. Everything symbols our individual life’s. It is a reflection of our human being. The inside out. The source we are.

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