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Drawing and sketching have been a part of my life since my early age. And in some way even painting, even if I wasn’t satisfied with my results. I remember that my classmates begged me to draw Walt Disney characters for their tables when I was about 10 years old. It was Donald Duck, Micke Mouse and Goofy!

In those days I was impressed by those cartoonists, and I had to figure out how they did it. I studied the hands, the faces, the bodies, and I tried to copy them. Up in the ages I was impressed by Superman, Batman, The Phantom and how they were drawn. I looked at the shadows, the environment such as houses, landscape, trees, and I thought they were great.

And when it came to cars, they meant a lot for me even when I was a kid. I still remember details outside and inside the cars, and I could easily recognize the changes that were made from one year to another, and I could see the shapes, the lines, the different parts and the chrome details.

In my early years I was also attracted to the nature, landscape, and I loved to travel with my parents by car on our holydays. My mom used to remind me, I used to comment the lovely things I saw through the windows as we travelled in the countryside.

I studied the things that I saw, nature, parts of the landscape, things, and sometimes people that I tried to copy on the drawing pad. It was always about trying to draw what I saw, nothing else. For me there was no such fantasy in my mind.

Nowadays I work in oil, acrylic, pencil and maybe ink. The subjects range from still life, nature, urban environments, appliances, and vehicles. Lately I have focused on parts of vehicles where I can highlight the beauty in the shapes, the chrome parts, the details…

In my work I create space and dynamics through high contrast effect, where light and dark interact… … just like in life!

That ́s how the dynamic is created. If you don ́t make the dark parts really dark, you cannot see the brightness in the bright parts. That ́s all there is to it! Not to mention the chrome parts. Such an interesting color! It ́s nothing in itself, but it shows the beauty, and makes it shine!>

That ́s why I have passion for painting.

“Painting is a very contemplative art form… both in terms of doing and in terms of wiewing it!” Robert Bechtle

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