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Artist Bio:
My art is a platform that allows people to meet their inner voice. 

I want people to wake up. To stand still and breathe for a minute or two. I want people to ask questions to themselves that they usually don’t ask. Why they are put on this earth and what they aspire to accomplish. I want them to search for their own answers to the questions they haven’t thought of before. I want to encourage honesty between people. Letting people start their inner dialogue by shutting down the outside world. Thus, making the experience their own through their own eyes by being left alone in front of my art.

Given the recent recognition for my art, it has become my focus in life. I’m a strong believer that once you find your expression, whatever form it might take, you can’t see yourself live a life not nurturing it. I just can’t see myself do anything else than to continue to perfect myself through the expression of my art. With the following exhibitions, my ambition is to be able to dedicate my life to challenge people’s perspectives and assumptions about life. To bring new light to questions we might avoid talking about.

Recent exhibitions
2019 Carrousel du Louvre – Art Shopping Paris 

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