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Artist Bio:
Tamaz Kharitonashvili was born1975 in Georgia. He is a professional artist working with media such as sculpture.painting ,stain glass.tapestry and much more. Since the year of 1995 Tamaz graduated with the college diploma as painter-teacher specializing in pictorial art. Following, he started experimenting with stain glass since 2001. Most of the time he spends in his studio creating some of the best art pieces of his career. His work got attention not only in Greece where he use to live and sold his work, but also in United States where he made some major achievement working with artist such as Fernandez Augustin, Getchart and Robert Indiana. His work “Mirage” oil on canvas was exhibited and sold in Galleria Art & Framing in New York and Ramnaire Gallery. Currently, Tamaz works in his own studio using different types of media. He also does private projects and works with different artists.

Additional Info:
What is the significance of art? How does it help unite the audience? What is the purpose of art? This is the question I ask the viewer when viewing my paintings. The importance of art for the artist is that you can see it in the form of the narration itself, and you have to observe the essence of each sample and live it for some time. Some of the paintings I have created in recent years reflect what has happened in the past events. It creates a certain emotion and conveys a specific message. In my works of art, I show different techniques using images of people and phenomena in nature. My goal is to present a different reality that helps the viewer see a new, new world. Each drawing has its essence, many details, the viewer connects the dots and sees them as important. My art is called surrealism. The drawing process itself is also emotional for me, it brings me closer to myself and the viewer. It is my vision, the perception of the world, the ideas that bring me to the canvas. This can be compared to a writer who puts his ideas on paper. My work always has a hidden message that every visitor wants to perceive in a unique way and in an organic way.💥💥💥

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