Red IV by Chadwick Arcinue

Booth #L-30

Artist Bio:
Ideas. Exploration. Discovery.

The Chadwick Concepts allow me a rare opportunity to explore, experiment with, and elevate these themes through various projects—or concepts—that are in the same moment separate yet overlapping, distinct yet interwoven, individual yet universal.

For a very lucky few, the journey from idea to discovery happens in a flash. And while there are moments when I think I might have caught a flicker, I realize that my personal journeys to discovery could take longer. From a small, sleepy town in the Philippines, to one of the largest, most sleepless cities in the world. From the precise and formulaic world of business and finance, to the unconventional and imaginative world of art and design. From equations and spreadsheets, to brushstrokes and canvases. In many ways, the Concepts represent those journeys.

I will never be able to explain how and why my past journeys took me to this point, nor could I predict where these roads might ultimately lead. At least not in words. But possibly in images, ideas and concepts, you could walk with me on this path to discovery and on the way maybe glimpse a flicker.

– Chadwick Arcinue

Artist Statement:
More than the actual artwork itself, I think what defines me as an artist is how I am able to share, and hopefully inspire others with, my joy and passion for art and design. Because of this, I try to approach every custom project as an opportunity not to merely cover a wall, but to make a room more fun, a space more livable, a home more welcoming. And—as hopefully you will see in the collections of The Chadwick Concepts—somebody’s day more enjoyable.

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