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Artist Bio:

 The masterworks of Carlos Vivar reflect a rare combination of passion and sweetness, fiction and symbolism with sand and a mixture of colors with diverse textures full of emotion. His Works are captivating,  his creation is mature with a special touch.He is one of the great Mexican painters of contemporary art, self taught sculpt of creative and figurative forms. He holds a bachelor of graphic design from the Anahuac University in México City, and between 1985 and 1987 he lived in Europe, where he received a masters in computer science, working in that field to pay for his studies; upon his return to México he worked as a director in an advertising agency.

He has participated in over 100 exhibits in Mexico and abroad, among them: Museum of Anthropology. Museum, Soumaya Museum, Museo de la Bola, in New York, Stockholm, Brussels, Luxembourg, Morges (Switzerland), London, Florence, Guangzouh, Dongguan, Zhuhai (these last three in China), Belize, Hondura, El Salvador and Costa Rica. In 2013 he exhibited and presented his book: “Carlos Vivar, the Mexican Painter” In New York City.


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