Otto by Tucker Eason

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Artist Bio:
With his use of screen printing, collage, and mixed media, American artist Tucker Eason challenges the boundaries of traditional oil painting. In his powerful and sensitive portraits, Eason explores his fascination with the human experience of objects and individuals. The gestural oil paintings suggest themes of connection, personal history and nostalgia depicted as antique typewriters, analog clock radios, and other classic objects. Like work by artists Wayne Thiebaud, Hung Liu, Nicky Nodjoumi, and Chuck Close, Tucker Eason’s work playfully dances with color, line, and expression in the service of representation. Following a 2014 Bay Area debut at a DeYoung Museum pop-up show, Eason has exhibited nationally in both individual and group settings. Recipient of the 2018 ACA, Best In Show award, Eason’s growing collector list includes, George Lindemann Jr. of the Bass Museum Miami and Barry Sternlicht of the Starwood Capital Group.

Additional Info:
Tucker draws on years of commercial design and screen printing experience to inform his work. With additional elements of collage added for structure and theme, his pieces make a compelling visual texture both vulnerable and confident.

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