Statues and Stones - "War 2" by Ulrike Pawandenat

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Artist Bio:
Ulrike Pawandenat is a german photo artist. Her artworks have a wide range of creativity . The result is intense, very colorful, expressionist images that might have more to do with painting than with classical photography. All images are created from real places and photography.

“Statues and Stones is a big series of artworks from around the world. Some of the big cities like London, New York, Paris and Berlin coming up next. But also the little ones. Places of statues and stones with some magic in the air.”

Additional Information:
The images Ulrike Pawandenat will show at the artexpo are very special to her. “Statues and Stones, brick, the red gold of my hometown Wismar. These stones are 500, 600 years old, and I was thinking what they’ve seen and experienced! War, peace, love, need, despair, hope: It’s all in there! I try to visualize all that I feel with my photographs. With the means of digital image processing. If I could paint that, I would have painted it.

There is some special about her signature on the images. While walking and taking photos at the brick churches, she sometimes finds chipped brick pieces due to wind and weather. The pieces she has collected in recent months and grind. With this brick pigment and some oil a color was created, with which she will sign the pictures at the show and create special unique pieces. There will be only one for sale worldwide and one for her collection.

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