Artist Bio:
I am a landscape artist. I draw paintings from six years old, attended the Kyiv Art School in Ukraine with pleasure, but consciously left Art for the future career in the finance industry. However, having achieved a high position and having gained ten years’ experience in the auditing and compliance, I returned to the roots, to my mission in life.

I am inspired by the beauty of nature, its changes caused by the blowing of the wind or the sun’s rays, I am fascinated by the lace of the lines of trees stripped of their leaves and odour of fresh meadow flowers, reflection on the water and the freshness of snow and, of course, boundless sky. Most of my paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, USA, France, Poland.

I never tell you what you need to feel near my paintings, if you want to stop, stop and listen to yourself, they’re talking about it. The emotions of people, their smiles make me feel great about what I do. By painting, I realize that I am the right man in the right place, because I’m here to be an Artist.

Contact Info:
Website: https://www.facebook.com/andrey77777777

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