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Artist Bio:
Victoria Washington is a US based abstract painter and psychotherapist, born in 1982 in Ukraine. Growing up, her artist father’s creativity and imagination shaped her character and established profound inner connection to the art world. Captivated by constant exposure to artistry, Washington discovered the joy of self-expression through art at an early age. She studied dance, piano, and art throughout her childhood at the youth performing arts school in her birth city in Ukraine. Being an extremely adventurous personality, at the age of 22 Washington moved to Germany to study psychology at the Georg-August University of Goettingen. Curiosity being a driving force of her life journey, in 2012 Washington moved to the United States where the merging of her passion for psychology and art was solidified. In the year of 2014 the shocking word ”War” became a part of Washington’s reality, after Ukraine got into an on-going military conflict with Russia. In the midst of the emotional turmoil associated with this experience, Washington felt extremely drawn to painting. As if something was telling her – this is how she could heal the wounds of her soul. In the wake of such events, Washington started creating art piece after art piece, which later led to her passion for art become more than just a self-healing tool. Her art works have been showcased in private art shows in the United States, Ukraine and Germany. She currently works out of her studio in Washington DC, where she holds private art showings. In addition, Washington operates a successful psychotherapy practice, incorporating art as a treatment modality to promote mental health of her community.

Artist Statement:
My art captures the magical journeys inwards, using meditations and dreams as vehicles for self-exploration. When I close my eyes, quiet my mind and breathe, the vortex of the Universal information opens up, rich with divine revelations, which I incorporate into my art works. Often I feel like my art pieces have not been painted by me, but through me, as if channeled. In my artistic expressions the focus is on spirituality and connection to the Higher Power. I am inspired to paint Spirit Guides, Guardians, Buddha-like Creatures, Goddesses and Gods, who carry messages of the Universal Truths to their observers. I am drawn to the use of a wide range of materials, including epoxy resin, acrylics, oils, wood, and encaustics, which results in complex textures and multidimensional looks. With the intention of creating a positive impact on humanity through my art, I aspire to assist shifting consciousness of this World to higher levels, hoping for more serenity, love and compassion on Planet Earth.

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