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“I grew up in Merrimack, NH and moved to NYC in 1998 to attend Wagner College as a theater major. I began this work in class. With a pen and a notebook I would fill an entire page with this squiggle line. I attended the School of Visual Arts, NYC in 2000, where the line was made beyond the notebook. I then started using fabric paint and acrylic on canvas. The line goes where it wants to. The limitations are the edges of the canvas.

A feeling of freedom and escape from reality are felt during this process. This is a way of meditating and a chance to get away from the stress of life. The line is a representation of one’s life taking unexpected twists and turns. The line has also gone beyond the canvas. Other objects are now being covered, cars, pianos, and walls that surround us. What started as just an everyday notebook doodle turns into a sense of freedom and escape from reality”.

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